Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bistro Felix, Subiaco


A LivingSocial voucher that was going to expire soon prompted me to book into Bistro Felix on Sunday night with my significant other.

We arrived on time and were seated at the bar for a few minutes while our table was prepared. Our waitress was lovely, not too intrusive but there when we needed her. Our drinks were topped up regularly without needing to ask. It also needs to be noted that we weren't treated any differently because we had a voucher. (I know a lot of restaurants won't let you book a particular table or request a window seat if you have one!)

So onto the food!

For the entrée I had Confit pork belly, sweet and sour baby turnip, caramelized apple & cider reduction ($21). The pork belly was beautiful, chewy where it needed to be and melt in the mouth.

My partner had the Braised oxtail & truffled mushroom ravioli ($24), it was so robust, the ox-tail was gorgeous. It was a generous serving for an entrée.

For mains I had Oven roasted salmon, lentil and spinach ragout with a clam and asparagus cream (39), P had the Margaret River wagyu rump, frites, café de paris butter ($40) cooked medium-rare. We also ordered a side of buttered french beans ($10) on advice from the waitress, but we really didn’t need them.

The salmon fell off the fork, it was quite a substantial size and the skin was perfect. 3 clams were on the plate and they were probably a bit chewy for my liking. P's steak was delicious, I usually hate medium-rare but this was lovely. It was cooked just how he wanted it.

Onto desserts, we chose the Raspberry & white chocolate frangipane tart, warm creme anglais ($15) and Assiette of chocolate ($20).

The tart was lovely, crumbly and had a light flavour. Not too over-powering. The chocolate was actually 3 chocolate desserts, a chocolate mousse, coffee brulee and a jaffa chocolate cake/pudding (I'm sorry I can't remember exactly what it was). One of P's favourite things about me is I can never eat a whole dessert, so he essentially gets two to himself. Well with the choc dessert it was more like 4!

At the end of the night, with our voucher ($79 for 2 mains, 2 desserts and a bottle of wine up to the vaule of $186) and our 2 entrees and 1 side dish, we only had an extra $55 to pay.

I would seriously recommend Bistro Felix to anyone, it was such a gorgeous night. They do a GFC menu Mon-Thu for dinner, 2 courses for $55, 3 courses for $65; you should definitely give it a try for that price!

5 out of 5 pork bellies from me!

x Salt

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